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Investment in Dubai

why is it worth it?

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Due to the excellent location on the Persian Gulf and the intensive economic and cultural development of the Emirates in recent decades, the country's popularity and appeal are also on the rise - not only as an exotic luxury travel destination, but also as a market for investment.

Easy entry - high returns

Low entry prices

While prices per square meter continue to rise in Europe, brand new properties in the cosmopolitan city of Dubai are selling for as little as €2,000 - €2,500 per square meter. Thus, increases in value are to be expected.

Profitable returns

ROI of approx. 5 - 9 % in Germany is only possible with high-risk investments - in Dubai, however, they are easily achievable.

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The United Arab Emirates combine Arab ambience and ancestral traditions with cosmopolitan lifestyle, western standard of living with oriental exoticism.

The demand for long-term rent increases

Strong population growth creates demand

Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in the world with an annual growth rate of about 10.7%. The goal for Dubai is to build a city of 5 million inhabitants by 2030. The emirate's continuously growing economic market means that the demand for skilled jobs is constantly increasing. The natural beauty of the country combined with first-class infrastructure ensures a steady influx of people. This creates a corresponding demand for suitable living space, especially for long-term rentals - ideal for investors who benefit from the buyer's market.

The economy is growing dynamically and future-proof

The Emirati economy is benefiting from good crisis management and rising oil prices. At the same time, Dubai is gearing up for the future with investments worth billions and plans to be the world's most sustainable city by 2050. Multinational corporations, high standards and an excellently educated workforce are fueling growth.

Optimal geographical location

Thanks to its central location, all metropolises in Africa, Asia and Europe can be reached in less than 8 hours by plane. This makes Dubai the global center of trade.


New real estate projects are visualized in elaborate models.

Investors welcome

Tax exemption attracts investors

There is no wealth tax, corporate income tax or personal income tax in Dubai. Rental income is tax free in Dubai.

Investor visa

An investor visa applies to foreign nationals who have a minimum investment of AED 750,000 (approx. EUR 187,000.00) for a freehold property in Dubai.

Secured investment

Ownership of real estate is regulated in a similar way as in Germany, a land register entry is secured and officially documented by the Dubai Land Department (DLD). The real estate market in Dubai is controlled and monitored by strict laws.
The tenant's annual
rent is due in advance.

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