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emerging real estate market -
opportunity for investors

approx. 5 - 9 % ROI - 100 % service on site!


approx. 5 - 9 %

and potential for value appreciation

dynamic real estate market

with a large selection of existing properties and new construction projects with very high demand for rentals

investment security

through standardized purchase processing

tax exemption

No property tax, corporate income tax or personal income tax. Rental income is tax-free.

Real estate investment in Dubai?
We show you WHY and HOW!


* Dubai levies 0% tax on income, capital gains and rental income. Only a 5% value added tax was introduced in 2018. However, if you have a primary or secondary residence in Germany, taxes may be levied in Germany.


Customer testimonials

"Four Home Estate FZCO helped me add real estate in Dubai to my portfolio. I invested in a new build apartment in Dubai Creek Harbour. The professional service from handing over the keys to furnishing and finding tenants, and of course the returns achieved, exceeded my expectations." - Jan

"Four Home Estate FZCO assisted me in the selection and purchase of my first overseas property. I invested in a 3-bedroom apartment in Business Bay. The apartment is now successfully rented out as a vacation property. I am extremely satisfied with their all-round service and with the returns achieved. Absolutely recommend." - Clarissa

"We were interested in Dubai as a new real estate market for us. With Four Home Estate as a partner, I was able to successfully realize my investment, a townhouse in a great, green residential area in Dubai. I was impressed by the transparent German-speaking communication and the excellent advice."

WD Magazine reported in the spring 2024 issue (German):

24-05-WD Cover.jpg
24-05-WD Doppelseite 1.jpg
24-05-WD Doppelseite 2.jpg

The Allgäu Wirtschaftsmagazin reported in December 2022 (German):

2022-12-Titel Allgäuer Wirtschaftsmagazin.jpg
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